+ Acne
 + Anxiety
 + Asthma
 + Backache
 + Bad Breath
 + Bronchitis
 + Cold
 + Constipation
 + Cough
 + Cramps
 + Dandruff
 + Diabetes
 + Digestive disorders
 + Ear pain
 + Edema
 + Acupressure
 + Acupuncture
 + Aromatherapy
 + Attunement
 + Ayurveda
 + Breath Therapy
 + Herbal Therapy
 + Homeopathy
 + Hydrotherapy
 + Magnetotherapy
 + Massotherapy
 + Music Therapy
 + Naturopathy
 + Reiki
 + Shaistu


Naturopathy is a system of medicine which uses natural substances for the treatment of diseases. It aims towards a long-lasting cure of the disease and considers the mental, emotional, and physical states of the patient.

The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates realized the importance of the power of nature in the healing process of a disease. He wrote about natural hygiene and recognized that common disorders such as cold,fever,cough were body’s natural way of trying to heal the disease.

Naturopathic system of medicine provides complete health care by taking advantage of resources drawn from various traditional healing systems. Naturopathic medicine follows certain fundamental principles. They are explained as under:

  • The naturopath should strive to help the body's natural healing abilities.
  • The root cause of the disorder should be identified rather than drawing conclusions, looking at few symptoms.
  • The therapies which cause no harm should be used. Strong drugs and surgery must be avoided whenever possible.

    Naturopathic medicine tries to restore balance in the functions of the body. It helps to find ways to overcome negative emotions and to cope with stress. It also teaches about the proper nutrition required to maintain good health. Following these steps, the body can heal itself or fight invading organisms.

    A naturopath basically gives attention to the patient's lifestyle. It is because of the reason that the physical, psychological and spiritual elements can all contribute to a disease.

    The naturopath may make use of various therapies such as homeopathy, herbal remedies, traditional Chinese medicine, diet therapy, hydrotherapy, massage and yoga.

    A word of caution to be considered is that Naturopathic medicine is not recommended for conditions requiring major or specialized surgery, such as gunshot wounds , orthopedic problems, severe trauma, acute abdominal pain, dental emergencies, and similar conditions.

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