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Breath Therapy

Breathing in the proper way has profound effects on health. More than 70% of our waste by-products are eliminated through breathing and through our skin. Heavily oxygenated blood makes it difficult for virus and bacteria to grow in our body. Proper breathing supports muscle growth and gives stamina to get things done. Whenever we undergo difficult moments in life we tend to hold our breath. Moments begin to pile up like this because of immense stress and soon we are only using 20% of our capacity to breath, thus having only 20% of our energy capacity.

Breath Therapy is an art which is based on ancient Eastern and modern Western methods. It represents a unique approach to wellness in spirit, mind and body. It was developed over the last 20 years, and it has proven itself to be effective in all psychosomatic illness, and as potent force in the worldwide human potential movement. Breath Therapy techniques offer quick, effective ways to clear your head, to settle your stomach, to calm your nerves, and to open your heart.

Breath therapy consists of 2 main key concepts:
The first key concept is explained as follows: In the average person, the breathing mechanism is functioning at only a fraction of its potential. The "normal" breathing system gets damaged due to a number of conditions and events, beginning at birth, and including family and cultural influences, as well as every physical and emotional trauma you have survived. Your breathing system needs to be "healed" brought back up to the level that nature intended.

The second key concept is explained as follows: Every system in the body begins to work better, when full free breathing is restored. It is found that the breath naturally heals and renews the body, mind and spirit on its own. "Conscious Breathing" becomes a very powerful self-directed healing process. The breath reveals itself to be an untapped natural resource, a therapeutic tool, for health, growth and change.

The initial breathing exercises are designed to allow one to discover, explore, and develop the power and potential of each breath and proper breathing. These exercises are always practiced in the ‘heart-centered’ atmosphere. Certain goals and parameters are considered in the mind. These include wholeness, oneness, freedom, energy and liveliness, health and happiness, peace, power and love.

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