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Attunement is an ancient technique which is as old as creation itself. The techniques of attunement as we know them at present were developed by Lloyd Arthur Meeker. In the late 1920s, Meeker, a practical visionary and founder of the attunement service, began experimenting with early forms of attunement. He worked and taught the techniques for twenty-five years.

The core principle of attunement is known as, ‘One Law of positive action and negative reaction’. The two terms 'human' and 'being' describe how the One Law operates in a basic sense with respect to human beings. The term 'human' describes the outer, or negative aspect of the person, while the term 'being' describes the inner, or positive aspect. Certain attitudes which involves emotional feelings like thankfulness and selflessness, maintain a balanced harmony between these two. Some other feelings such as fear and resentment upset the balance, producing a rift between inner and outer aspects. This sense of separation from the inner Source of life is the beginning of all pain, disease, unhappiness and distress.

While practicing attunement on an individual, the attunement practitioner allows a focus of life current to move through his or her hands in relation to points and areas of contact in the body of the person receiving the attunement. Physical touch is not required in this process. The current of attunement typically brings a sense of integration, relaxation and relatedness to the Source of life itself.

An attunement practitioner does not seek to heal the symptoms of disease in any person. However, since what we describe as health is a state of balanced integration, it is true that the experience of attunement can play a key part in the healing process. Fear, insecurity, resentment and worries are examples of disturbances in a person’s state of mind which may contribute to a wide variety of illnesses.

The receiving ability of the person is important to the attunement process. This ability depends mainly on one’s attitude. The qualities such as concentration, stillness, appreciation and relaxation allow a strong and deep flowing of the attunement current.

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